Advance Your Nursing Degree With Online RN To BSN And MSN Programs

The demand for nurses with advanced degrees is rapidly increasing. The nation is currently in year ten of a projected and unprecedented thirty year nursing  slot online shortage, at the same time that the need for more highly educated nurses is rising. This puts the nurse with an advanced degree in a very advantageous position. An affordable online RN to BSN or MSN program can help the nurse place her or himself in this position.

Many hospitals are starting to require a bachelor’s degree as entry level, or giving the associated prepared nurse a certain number of years to obtain a bachelor’s degree or forfeit their job. In order to do this some hospitals are upping their reimbursement monies to help nurses afford a degree program.

Most traditional campus based nursing degree programs have insufficient faculty to meet the need for increased nurses in the future. Most nursing faculty are generally older than the general nursing workforce, at an average age of 51. In many schools a large portion of the instructors or professors are eligible for retirement. One instructor on an online nursing degree program can accommodate more students, and open up slots for nurses to complete their education.

In Michigan, the Office of the Chief Nurse Executive has made short-term recommendations to address the nursing shortage. They recommend adding slots in fast-track masters programs to increase faculty, and adding slots in second-degree accelerated nursing programs to increase the nursing workforce. An online nursing degree RN to BSN or MSN fills that need.

Many specialized, accelerated, and transitional nursing degree education programs are available from many accredited schools, and universities. You geographical location, or work schedule need not be a barrier to achieving the advanced degree you want. The opportunity is there; all you have to do is “click” for it.


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