Android Applications Reigns Ultimate

Android is now becoming more popular than its competitors. This is mainly because of two reasons; the platform is open source and the extended support by Google.

What is the effect of the open source platform?

There a number of benefits to the developers when they use Android. Some of the prominent advantages are as follows.

The developer can bring required changes in the operating systems according to the requirement of the application. This facilitates them in perfecting the application.

The manufacturers of mobile devices now prefer the Android as the base of operating system because they want to optimize the utility of the device as a connecting link between the businesses and the buyers.

Since Android is open source, there is no need to pay any money for using it. There is no license fee for using Android, whereas in case of BlackBerry and iPhone the developer needs to pay license fee. In case of BlackBerry and iPhone there are priorities for unlocking but in case of Android these set of priorities do not exist. Once the Android app is ready the Android app developer can sell the application either to a third party vendor or the Android app store. This sort of alternative is not offered by the iPhone. In case of iPhone application development the application can only be sold through the Apple store. When compared to others the Android applications are more secured and stable just because they are base on Linux.

The Android app development facilitates the developer with a stable platform, support of a huge community of developers, multiple options for sale, big return on investment (ROI), good portability, easy development and the Android operating system is the leading player in the Smartphone Market.

With Android applications development one can easily convert the mobile phone into a personal computer with all the functionalities that one expects from the personal computer. Android application development gives high returns on small investment. The ROI is so high that day by day the number of Android application development service providers is increasing dramatically. The community of developers is very interested in developing interesting and unique Android applications.

The Android applications have made the mobile device so smart and capable that the user of Android based mobile phone device can remain in contact with all the people and maintain public relation. Not only this, the user can now receive the reports of the office on the mobile device screen. Android application helps the user to handle the office from a palm sized mobile phone device. With the Android based mobile phones in your palm there is no need to remained glued to the chair in front of your desk top PC. There is no need to carry the Laptop too.

Hire the services of a professional and reputed Android application developer and assure tapping the unique market segment of Android based phones.


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