Birth Control and Pregnancy – Do Birth Control Pills Cause Infertility in Women? Find the Truth Now

Today more than 15 million women in the USA alone use birth control methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some of them uses pharmaceutical methods and others uses oral contraceptive methods. But now many women are started to worry about the possible infertility issues raised due to the continuous use of pregnancy medications cytotec Santa Cruz . Do you think that birth control pills causes you infertility? Read further to uncover the truth.

There are different types of pregnancy prevention medicines available today. Some prevents pregnancy for few months and other methods prevents pregnancy from 3 to 6 years straight. Hormonal contraceptive ring can prevent your pregnancy up to 3 months while progestin implants can stop your ovulation till 3 to 6 years.

Some women take pharmaceutical contraceptive pills to stop unwanted pregnancy. And most of the married women take these pills only to space the births of their children. But now these married women have started to fear that these pills might increase their chances of becoming infertile and making them unable to produce any children in their lifetime.

So what is the truth?

Yes, there are certain birth control methods like IUD (Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device), hormonal contraceptive ring and some birth control pills which can alter the hormonal balance in your body drastically. Treatments like IUD prevents female eggs to get into uterine cavity and thus prevents pregnancy. But this treatment contains the insertion of the device directly into the uterus. This can increase the chances of bacterial infection in your body which can affect your reproductive organs.

Some birth control pills prevents pregnancy for several years. Thus it takes some time to get your reproductive system in place when you stop these treatments. So you need to consult with your doctor and then wait for some time if you want to get pregnant again.

Thus it is evident from the above facts that excessive use of the above birth control methods is always injurious to your health. You should avoid the long time usage of these treatments in order to become pregnant naturally.

Now Pay Close Attention

I was the victim of infertility happened because of the excessive use of birth control pills. However I was successful in overcoming this infertility with the help of a secret natural remedy. I got pregnant at the age of 39 and gave birth to two beautiful babies naturally.

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