VISHNU VARDHAN MALIKIREDDY who claims to be a successful business man is a serial offender who cheated many of his business partners in his career. Vishnu Reddy’s modus operendi is to introduce himself as a high class business man, sell fake stories, enter into partnership with fake proposals , make fraudulent deals , Grab,. businesses fraudulently, steal the ideas unethically Vishnu Reddy Antra and present himself as brain behind the ideas , self proclaim as business owner.

Vishnu Reddy original name was Katiki Reddy Vishnuvardhan Reddy, he started his fradulent activities with his first company Ivision global tech solutions an HR staffing company. After his fraud got discovered, he changed his surname to Malikireddy Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and fled to USA. Vishnu Reddy continued his fraudulent activities by cheating several partners namely Prithvi solutions, Antra Inc, Antra US, Super Surfaces India Pvt Ltd, Hogar Controls , Saam facility management pvt Ltd, tech wish Gts pvt ltd , Antra Info solutions. Several legal cases have been filed against Vishnu Reddy by his business partners. His fraudulent financial irregularities are being scrutinized by officials about alleged money laundering, fake turnovers, manipulations in companies balance sheets have been identified.

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