Common Items That Comprise Traditional Shooting Clothing

Clothing is an industry where change is constant. Fashion statements change, attitudes change, trends change; in fact, if there is anything that doesn’t change, it is the on-going changes. Whether it is in party wear, casual wear, office wear or even sportswear you get to see new styles evolving and everybody, including celebrities, models and common men, keep themselves abreast of this. When it comes to sports, the style in clothing is an aspect that is given a lot of importance, both in terms of appearance as well as functionality. We see different clothing styles for different sports items, including shooting. Traditional shooting clothing has given way to newer styles; yet some of the basic factors are still the same.

Shooting is not a recent item of sports unlike football, cricket or hockey. Shooting goes centuries back and therefore shooting clothing also has a long history. Though traditional shooting clothing has evolved through a lot of changes, we still find its remnants here and there, at least in the basic idea of shooting clothing. Here are a few items that were a part of the traditional shooting clothing:

Shooting breeks

If you search on the Internet for images of traditional shooting clothing you’ll find shooting breeks worn by most shooters. Breeks are those pants that extend till two or four inches below the joint. They are either lined or unlined depending on the fabric used. Till a few decades back they used to indicate the status of the wearer. Very comfortable and functional, shooting breeks used to be common part of  yalla shoot shooting attire. It disappeared from the scene some time back; however, they are slowly coming back in popularity in the recent times.

Shooting jackets

Jackets have always been an integral part of shooting clothing. In the olden times jackets were necessary as most of the shooting was done outdoors in harsh climatic conditions. To keep yourself warm as well as protect your body, these thicker jackets were indispensable. While the earlier times saw heavy tweed jackets in shooting, today we find shooters using lighter fabrics.

Shooting hats

Hats were hugely on demand during the earlier times and thus became a part of the  There were different kinds of hats used such as trilbies and deer stalkers, yet the most common type of hat was the flat hat with tweeds, which later became the regular norm.

Shooting boots

Being an outdoor sports item, shooting requires costumes that protect the body than provide impressive appearance. More than today, the earlier days required sturdier clothing items, including the footwear. Boots were preferred to ordinary shoes as they could protect the legs up till the knee. They have to be waterproof as outdoor shooting might require you to walk or run thorough water-covered areas. Many shooters used to get their boots customised so that they fit their feet perfectly.


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