Fast Fundraising Ideas for Charity and Non Profit Organisations

Running a charitable organisation, or other non profit entity, requires that you raise funds from time to time to help support and fund your initiatives. Fundraising is an essential function of charities, as the money received is used to help support the programs, services and functions of the group as a whole. Though some charities receive additional funding from other sources, fundraising is one of the biggest sources of revenue and something fast fundraising ideas are needed when a charity needs an influx of extra funds, perhaps between large fundraising events that routinely occur. Fundraising ideas for charity can also include initiatives that can be planned and carried out in a short time.

One of the fastest ways to raise funds is through selling food. This idea can be taken in multiple directions and can include hosting a bake sale on the grounds of the charity offices, selling pizzas and submarine sandwiches to those in the area or even reselling chocolate or candy that can be purchased at a wholesale and charity rate for a quick turn-around time of fundraising money. You can sell food both in person and online if you need to reach a larger audience. Some other fast fundraising ideas for charity do not involved food as this can need hygiene standards and some countries have regulations to follow and the event itself would need a lot of on-going organisation that some non-profit places may not have.

Another way to bring in money quickly is through selling clothing items that have the name of your organization on them. Hats, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and even t-shirts can all be produced quickly and sold for a profit. This unique silent auction ideas method of fast fundraising is actually beneficial in two ways as not only do you raise money quickly, but you also have new avenues to promote your organisation through the clothing as well. This works particularly well in schools where there are lots of people to canvas already involved in the community.

One other idea also exists, and works well when you have a charity that offers membership others. You can sell new membership packages to people through direct mail, online promotion or even setting up a membership booth in a shopping mall; and you can also up sell your current members to higher levels of membership. Membership drives can bring in fundraising money rather quickly, as not much needs to be handled in terms of preparing for such a fundraising campaign. You can simply have some volunteers works the phones and contact current members and supporters of your organization and ask them to upgrade their membership to a higher level or to simply make a cash donation. This can produce great results in a short time frame.

No matter how your charity raises money throughout the year and on a routine basis, you may find times exist where you need to bring in some additional funds for various reasons. When this occurs, using fast fundraising ideas can help get you through the rough patches that can weigh down an organisation that relies on the donations of others for their operations. Fundraising is a necessity when operating or working with a non profit organization, and thus fast fundraising ideas are important to have on hand in the event you are between large fundraising campaigns and need to inject some extra funds in to your program to keep things running smoothly.

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