Get rid of your pest control techniques The Brown Recluse Spider is Active Again

Have you relaxed your winter pest control strategies?

For the past three to four months, brown recluse spiders have been hiding in their crevices and crannies. They hid in the shadows, just out of view. They didn’t move far, and they are now developing eggs. Soon, those eggs will hatch and you’ll soon have little brown recluses crawling around your home.

My lady did some spring cleaning on her patio yesterday. She said that spiders would scurry around when she was moving things around. She claimed that there were many spiders out there.

I didn’t mention anything about it, and I didn’t go to take a look. From personal experience, I believe that most of the spiders she saw running away were brown recluses. These spiders are now common in the area.

This is strange, considering that we didn’t have any recluse spiders here in Indiana until a few years back. Even though I am no longer active as a spider pest control technician, I still hear about brown recluse bites every day.

People get bitten because they don’t know what recluse is. Most people are familiar with the marking on the spider’s abdomen that looks like a violin or fiddle. It is the reason why we call the spider the fiddler.

If you are trying to identify the spider using that mark, you will be too close to it if it is still alive. It’s difficult to see the violin because it is so small.

When I was starting my career as a pest control technician, I had already studied photographs and had an image of the spider in my head. I can now recognize a spider from a distance of only a few feet. Therefore, I am very cautious when approaching.

The distinctive legs of the brown recluse are distinct. They are very long. They curve upwards from the body for a brief distance and then turn downwards toward the ground. The leg bend or turn is akin to our knee. The body is long and slim. It’s also very small. It’s difficult to recognize the fiddle mark.

These men have a bad bite. My father learned that the hard way. He was bitten by a recluse on his first knuckle. The bite was not felt by him. It only feels a slight pinch when you feel it. Then, his knuckle began to turn red and then started swelling. An angry wound was formed.

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