Hemp Seed oil Capsules

We still sell hemp gel it’s really high in omega-3s and sixes the leaves are used for vegetables juice medicine and drugs which we’ll talk about in a minute the plants are bred to either produce higher or lower levels of thc and cannabinoids hemp plant.

I’m already seeing everything if you want me to stop i can but if not i usually just read the questions at the end uh from all the participants in moderation yeah that makes that’s great yeah okay i’ll start with the first slide here this is interesting i haven’t ever really given a lecture to a to a ipad before but uh we were originally going to do a little just a fireside chat and i thought i really want to do a little background on the science of the plant primarily because i’m i’m very certain i have two i have two children that are doctors and i’ve questioned them and their colleagues and as of today i don’t believe anyone gets any education on this plant in medical training so i don’t know about the podiatry world but certainly not in the md world so i want to give the audience a basis of information so if and when they do prescribe this cream or any cbd products or even cannabis products for that matter they have an understanding of the plant and the science and and the background so just looking at this in general um the kingdom of cannabis is is the plant kingdom the family is cannabinisia it’s the hemp gel family .

l which is one of the dimers is considered hemp and then the species is marijuana and the subspecies are sativa so there’s a lot of talk about and again i’m going to go back and forth between cannabis and cbd but there’s a lot of talk about sativa versus indica and i think when i was younger there was a big distinction i think there’s less less so now than there used to be this part of the slide is blocked by our images but if you look at the cannabis plant it’s been long known and i’ve got some slides in this that slimming gelthank you is very very valuable has been very very valuable in fact before world war ii it was used for textiles it was used for clothing it was used for building blocks it was uh rope it was a huge huge part of our manufacturing until it was made illegal and you can see what i’ve i’ve put on here in general has very low content of cannabinoids the male plant.

If you remember your botany has this stamina and the female plant has a distillate and there’s a reason why we want to know that primarily because what we want on the plant is from the female when we talk about medicines the female Outlookindia.com reviewed delta 8 gummies online plants produce the cannabinoids terpenes these are secreted by the glandular on the trichomes and you can see in this picture the real shiny little balls on the leaves are the trichomes when we talk about hemp seed oil capsules that is primarily made from the dried flower buds and the resin from that is where we get hashish um cannabis when we talk about cannabis and thc it has a triphasic psychiatric effect again i do i’m delving into cannabis here because there are a lot of medicinal applications for cannabis they may not be legal today but if you’re young enough they’ll be legal in your practice so i want to go over these things the first stage is relaxation and euphoria the second phase is philosophical thinking intraception metacognition anxiety paranoia the last is increased heart rate and hunger and the the active ingredient here is 11 hydroxy thc that’s created i’ll show.

That in a minute by heating the delta 9 molecule that’s the psychoactive metabolite of thc just going back to two here real quick you know people see anxiety paranoia those kinds of things a lot of that has to do with uh the content of the type of cannabinoids in the cannabis itself and so in today’s world and maybe al can speak to that a lot of the growers are able to control what amounts are in the flower and subsequently what kind of an effect you get in country distinction as we know cbd has no psychoactive effects but due to something called the entourage effect along with terpenes it can actually decrease some of the anxiety that might be caused by the thc in cannabis again delta 9 thc is converted with heat to 11 hydroxy thc and ultimately excreted from the body and a molecule called glucuronide uh important here and this is something that you should know as a practitioner if you’re prescribing or recommending cbd um cbd and other and the other cannabinoids uh may inhibit the activity of cytochrome p450 also known as cyp the real reason why this is important is it’s part of the family of liver enzymes and it’s a key enzyme that metabolism metabolizes most of the drugs that we consume are greater than sixty percent of those and in in particular if you have a patient or a friend or relative that wants to know about cbd before you say well go ahead there’s no issue with it it can affect warfarin which as you know is coumadin which is a blood thinner and and actually some of the other blood thinners it can interact with some chemotherapy and it can also interact with some seizure medications so when talking to your friends your patients your family about this make sure you know what medications are taking because it does it doesn’t interfere with the cyp drugs in the liver cbd is uh which is probably new to most of you was not just just found it was founded in the 1940s um in fact it’s been talked about for hundreds if not thousands of years uh the stem cell in cbda added heat it gives you cbd um there are two endogenous cannabinoids and i want to make a distinction here between the endogenous cannabinoids which are the cannabinoids that you make in your body uh anandamide is probably the most famous one or most talked about that means bliss and 2ag is the other uh end endogenous cannabinoid and that’s in distinction to the phytocannabinoids which are plant-based um the can the cbd stimulates uh cb2 receptors these are non-psychoactive receptors and and this is very important to us as uh practitioners why do we use cbd because it moderates inflammatory responses pain control it can even limit fibrosis

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