How Can an SEO Manager Stay Up to Date With Google’s Ever-Changing Algorithm?

Nothing stays the same forever, and Google’s algorithm is solid proof of that.  The methods it uses to determine the oh so important search engine rankings have undergone quite a few changes over the years, and keeping up with them can be a trying task in itself.  Appeasing Google’s ever-evolving algorithm is not necessarily easy, but for SEO managers, it is a crucial skill that must be adopted.  This article will give you a few ways to keep up regardless of how often changes are made.

Know the Signs

Unfortunately, Google is very secretive about its algorithm and therefore, does not openly announce when changes have been made.  When major developments are on the horizon, the news is usually spread through rumors and pure speculation.  For this reason, SEO managers would be wise to make themselves familiar with the signs that potentially indicate that adjustments have been made to the algorithm.  Perhaps the biggest sign would be a notable dip in search engine rankings.  If your site is riding high on the first page of Google one day, and is buried on subsequent pages the next, it could be the result of changes.  In this case, it would be wise to make an effort to find out if the search company is doing something different and optimize accordingly.

Stay Informed

Another way to cope with Google’s algorithm changes is to keep yourself in the know.  How can you do this when the company is so tight-lipped about its ranking system?  Get proactive and keep an ear to the ground.  There are players within the industry circle that have proven to be very credible and reliable sources of information.  Once you how internet changed education find out where these players are located online, add the domain to your favorites and check back with them for updates from time to time.  Combine this with regular trips to the official Google blog and you may be able to gather enough information to stay ahead and prepare for changes in advance.

Stick With What Works

No matter what Google dishes out in the way of algorithm changes, the best way to deal with the evolution will always be to stick with tried and proven optimization methods.  Regardless of what adjustments are made, inserting keywords into your content, achieving link popularity, and other methods are likely to still be effective.  Likewise, you should steer clear from link farms, keyword spamming and the techniques that Google frowns down upon. If they are not approved of today, chances are, they will not do you any good in the future either.  History has shown us that many of the algorithm changes have been made to circumvent shady practices, not punish those who practice SEO by the book.  This is something you definitely want to keep in mind.


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