How to Choose an Online Recruitment Company

The best way to go about choosing an online recruitment company is to first of all sit down and think about what your company wants from its online recruitment solution company.

Cost – how much do you want to spend?

You have 2 key options…

No Placement, No Fee or a Retainer Contract.

With the internet being such a successful place to find candidates, the increased price you pay for a no placement no fee option is not required, unless the role is highly specialised. For general roles, going for a small retainer contract would be the best option, as the chances that you will not hire someone are so slim. Also for highly specialised roles, if you are doing a no placement, no fee option, then you really want to ensure that you agree the fee upfront in writing, and ensure that it is a price that you are willing to pay. A small fee retainer company might also be a good viable option to take in this instance if the fee is too expensive.

Company Promotion and Job Description

Many no placement, no fee recruitment agencies give no company information and very vague job descriptions, obviously this is due to the fact that they do not want competitors or candidates to idenify the employer incase they miss out on their contract

Recruiting is a very positive task, and it can be used as an opportunity to promote your company as a employer in the job market, as well as increase brand awareness of your company on the internet.

Information about your company and the job role, will ensure that the right quality people apply for the job role, this increases your chances of finding the right people. Surveys show that people do prefer to know the name of the company and also the full job description. No placement no fee agencies do not do this.

Retainer contract recruitment companies can promote your brand, your profile and give full job descriptions as they are not afraid of losing commissions.

So, in choosing a retainer contract online recruitment agency, you want to ensure that you get good quality of service, ask for references, and ensure a quality website is present. Make sure you agree prices, advertising and vacancy management services that suit with your company.

There are many low cost online recruitment companies on the market, a few stand out from the crowd. Look for unique selling points, like unlimited hires, brand promotion, online recruitment portals, and CV database searching.

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