How To Get Back Audio (No Audio Output Device Enabled)

If you’re lacking audio output on your computer, the good news is that you can use the steps outlined in this post to fix most causes of this problem. The issue you’re facing is going to be caused by the way in which Windows will not be able to process the files and settings that it requires to process the sound settings on your system, but there are also some other potential issues that will be leading the error to occur as well.

Possible Causes Of No Audio Output On Your PC

The main reasons why there will be no audio settings on your system will be caused by 3 possible issues – either the hardware of your system has problems, your system does not have the correct audio codecs to properly play audio, or has problems with its settings / drivers.

If you were using your system, and found that the audio output just stopped working – the problem is most likely going to be caused by the way in which your system will not be able to read the driver options for your computer, and will consequently run much less reliably as a result.

How To Fix Audio Output Problems On Your Computer

The way to resolve this error is to basically ensure that all parts of the system are working correctly, which will include everything from your system’s files to its settings, options and other vital information.

The first step to fix Audio Output problems is to first ensure that the hardware of your system is in working order. This can be done by clicking onto “Start”, selecting “Control Panel” and then picking “Sound & Audio”. This will bring up the hardware  keluaran hk  devices that Windows uses for sound, and will allow your computer to process the various settings that  are required to help it run. We’ve found that in many cases, the settings inside this hardware options area will actually be the main problem for your sound-less system, and if you discover that there are some problems with it, you have to first ensure that the hardware is indeed working correctly, and then that Windows has the correct volume levels for it.

The second step is to install all the latest codecs for your system. You need to ensure that you have all the latest codecs for Windows. The codecs of your system are what your PC will use to help run the likes of movies, files and other important options that your system will be using to run. If you’re experiencing a lack of sound for particular programs, then it’s likely the case that the codecs of your system will be either outdated or incorrect – and consequently lead the audio of your system to become unresponsive. To fix this problem, you have to update all the audio codecs that your system may have, as well as then ensure that you have the correct software to either play the moves or run the games.

The last step is to repair any driver settings that Windows needs to run its sound.To do this, you have to first click onto “Start” and then locate “Computer”. When you see “Computer”, right-click and select “Properties”. This will bring up a screen that shows you all the important settings that your PC has – but more importantly will show you the Device Manager of your system – that shows your system’s hardware components, and allows you to update any of the files or settings inside them. Once you load up this screen, right-click on the driver that will be causing problems and then select “Update Driver”. This will download the latest driver for the program, allowing it to run much smoother as a result.


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