How to Get Rid of Slugs Organically

I planted my lettuce this year and it grew wonderfully, until I picked them and there were slugs insides. So I had to find a tried and true way to get rid of slugs in my garden naturally, without using harm chemicals and pesticides.

Slugs are those slimy creatures that come out at night and leave a trail of shiny slime behind them. Slugs will devour your vegetables and plants, like my lettuce.

There are some that like to keep slugs as pets, Kilogram to Slug online converter yes….well to each his own, right?

Getting rid of slugs can be as easy as crushing up egg shells and adding the crushed egg shells to your soil. Egg shells are also a great addition to help compost the soil. My mom used egg shells in all her house plants.  Crush the egg shells into small pieces, till or mix into your soil or place around the bottom of your plant.  The egg shells act as shards of glass and the slugs will avoid attacking your lettuce and plants.

Give the slimy creatures a Beer to help get rid of slugs in your garden. Yes, it really does work. There was a study done at Colorado State University , yep a study, on the best brand of beer that slugs like the most. Kingsbury Malt and Budweiser came out on top, but you can use any beer.

My slugs like Bud Light, it’s what we drink in our home and we like to share. Don’t use stale beer, the slugs like it just as much as we do! Wait until dusk and fill an old margarine tub top with beer and place on top of the soil as close to the damaged plants as possible. The next morning they should be filled with dead drunken slugs.

If you are not a beer drinker and don’t want to spend money on beer for your slimy friends. Spritz your slugs with some coffee. Research has found caffeine to be very effective at deterring slugs. Save your old coffee from the morning and spray them full strength directly on the beasts in the evening. You can even place your coffee grounds around your plants to deter the slugs.

Slugs get shocked when they touch copper. You can buy ready made copper guards or use pennies to get rid of slugs in your garden. Place pennies around your plants to keep our slimy friends from a feast on your garden.

Place some old wooden planks between your garden beds. Our slimy slugs will crawl underneath to hide from the sun. In the morning lift the boards and the slugs will be on the boards. Scrape the slimy slugs from the board into a bucket and dispose of.

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