How to Kiss – The Top Secrets to Kissing Success

So you want to be a good kisser? Great! Anyone can become a good kisser with some time and techniques. But it also requires that you answer a certain question:

Do you BELIEVE you can kiss a girl with confidence?

Because if you don’t feel confident when kissing, your kissing techniques aren’t going to be worth squat!

Don’t worry, though. I will show you how to kiss well, and how to kiss with confidence, with proven “Kissing 101” techniques.

How to Kiss with Confidence

To kiss confidently, follow a few steps:

1) If you’ve NEVER kissed before, or have yet to kiss the person you’re attracted to at the moment, the best thing you can possibly do is RELAX. Take a few deep breaths. VISUALIZE how your kissing is going to go well. Once you’re in a great mental state of mind, believing in yourself ALWAYS (as in, you carry this relaxation every minute of every day!), you’ll be ready to kiss with success.

Also go ahead and TELL YOURSELF how you are a good kisser. If it’s something you’re really that nervous about, drum into your head the statement: “I am a good kisser. Women (or men) love my kissing. Kissing with me is FUN.” You can’t fail when you get yourself believing in that!

2) Remember that the first kiss does NOT have to be great. If you’re a guy, remember that girls are very understanding, and you can actually laugh about it. I know so many couples who joke about their first kiss. Many guys get awkward around girls when they kiss, but girls will forgive you if it’s not perfect!

If you’re a woman, you have even less reason to get nervous. Guys are nervous, too, so just have fun with it and remember that you’re in the same boat! In fact, the best way you can act is to be understanding with the guy–yet passionate at the same time. As long as you TRY and give the guy a chance to do what he wants (while guiding him the way you want it), you’ll find the kissing to be both fun and intimate.

3) Now learn the RIGHT way to kiss. I’ll 918kiss download cover the basics, but they’ll just get you started. For a very cheap guide to all the ways you can kiss right with any type of woman (or man), I highly recommend Kissing 101. It’s a very professional, solid e-course that gives you an audio course, pictures, and the rights and wrongs of kissing. In other words, you’ll learn all you need to know about kissing for success.

Affection Kissing

On the other side, if you want to show your girl affection, kissing is the best way to say you love her. As Kissing 101 tells you, women LOVE surprises, so nothing shows you love your girlfriend (or wife) like a surprise, spontaneous kiss out of nowhere! She’ll love it, and thank you for it. She’ll also reward you for it, by staying with you and treating you great.

Happy wife, happy life!

This works great in relationships, too. Kissing for affection can bring about loyalty like no other, and pleasant surprises. You may just find your girlfriend or boyfriend starts bringing you breakfast in bed, buying you presents, and acting sweeter. Reward them with those fun, out-of-nowhere kisses that show just how much you love her, and she’ll take care of you.

Try it!

Intimacy Kissing


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