Making Money Online – Novices Notebook 4

Isn’t eBay great! I mean anyone could go there and sell something, look around I bet you have a magazine or a dish or tray or that tin of bath salts that Aunt Sue bought last Christmas – don’t you just hate the smell. But you know what someone out there will love it and pay you for it.

List any item for 99p or under and there is no listing fee to pay, only a 10% to eBay if it sells. The buyer pays for postage. And you know what people have sold old bits of string and old hamburgers on eBay! The question is will you make money selling those unwanted gifts? Answer Most definitely. How much well that depends on you.

Sometimes you really strike gold, just the other buy brics money  r day a man bought an old film on eBay for a few ££. That film was an unknown film by Comic legend Charlie Chaplin – Estimated worth tens of thousands. Isn’t that great, instant treasure trove with out even leaving your door. But even if you only sell the unwanted Christmas gifts you can still make money. And use that to fund your online business right.

Here are some ideas for eBay sales.



MAGAZINES – old ones collectors love them

OLD ADS FROM THOSE MAGAZINES cut the pages out very carefully people will buy those pages for dollars a page.


BOOKS – always fascinating, easy market

RELICS FROM THE GARDEN SHED- just see what happens someone will want them

SHOES AND CLOTHES – vintage clothes is such a big market right now

Don’t forget you can specify buyer to collect, that way you don’t have to worry about postage. You might limit your market, but this is a good option if you live in a city where there is loads of traffic all the time please excuse the pun!

Now there are other hidden ways to make money on eBay not just simple selling but I would say a good starting point for newbies is just to learn the ropes, start making money on eBay and then expand your horizons. Remember you can sell anything on eBay literally anything. And make loads of online cash.



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