Manage Your Business by Using Online Reputation Management Techniques

The moment you tell somebody the name of your company, the next thing is they are going to Google this name to find out about your company, what it does, the employee strength, place of business, product reviews etc. If there is a bad review written, you can bet the person is not going to want to do business with you. Your online reputation is at stake and you must do everything in your power to make sure this does not affect your life and your business. This is where online reputation management comes into picture.

Techniques for online reputation management – Don’t let your business get tarnished

  1. Assess where you stand – It is time to get real. Type your company name in Google and find out what comes up. Are there any negative reviews? Well, you just can’t get rid of them but you can certainly minimize the impact by using certain SEO techniques. Try to add more positive content by knocking off the bad one MEGAWIN188 Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Termurah Tanpa Potongan and eventually it won’t come up
  2. Proactively gain slots in the Google top 10 search results – Try to get in the top 10 Google results by using online reputation management tools. Key is to balance out the negative comments with the positive ones
  3. Use LinkedIn as your social network – Social Media is in vogue and it is time to make use of it to save our online brand. Use LinkedIn, it is a great social and business networking tool. Especially B2B companies need LinkedIn as people tend to Google LinkedIn for professional services
  4. I link you, you link me – This means get other sites to link to yours with Anchor text. When you click and anchor text, it takes you to another URL. Thus the best way is to ask others to link to your site using keyword-rich anchor text
  5. Scan search results regularly – Make it a practice to assess your company’s online reputation once a month. Check at least first 3 pages for negative content. If you find any, it is time to get it off before it plays havoc with your online brand
  6. Contact the one who has written negative content – If you find negative feedback; try to contact its generator. Talk out things with him, he just might change his mind and delete the feedback
  7. Offline reputation management affects online reputation management – There are chances that your offline reputation might affect your online reputation. So keep up a good image in the offline world and automatically your online world will remain safe


The internet has got an amazing memory, it just does not forget. Your online reputation is vital to your business, no matter what. So keep posting good content through blogs and social media platforms. Highlight the good reviews written about your company. Establish a good relationship with your clients. They are sure to praise you and this will help retain your good reputation. Use online reputation management tools to keep negative comments at bay.

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