Prescription Drug Addiction

One usually associates addiction with makeshift factories, illicit drug trade, smuggling, street crime and other underworld activity. Our addiction concern in the tranquil middle and upper middle class suburbs normally focuses only on teenagers who may have become captivated by the lure of illicit drugs.

Yet, our collective cultural How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription conscience will recall that in the late sixties and early seventies, these bastions of domestic tranquility where plagued with a housewife addiction to Valium. Valium, along with other benzodiazepine class drugs became the prescription drug of choice for many middle class men and women to help them deal with the anxiety which filled their lives. Soon it was discovered that addicts and addiction are not only found in the bowels of the Buy Xanax Online inner city but in the heart of suburbia as well. Valium’s little yellow pill, found its place in popular culture through the 1966 classic hit by the Rolling Stones, Mother’s Little Helper. Valium’s popularity Peaked in 1978, when in that year alone Americans popped about 2.3 billion pills.

Soon benzodiazepine class drugs received a bad name, causing cautious people to shy away from their prescription and use. There was a 25 percent drop in the number of prescriptions written in the late seventies. The drug industry, in its interminable way, sought shorter-acting, non-addictive drugs to replace the household Valium cure. While also benzodiazepine class drugs, the drug industry coined the term Anxyolotic to describe the type of drug, to remove its association with Valium.

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