Raw foodies are those who wants to take in the maximum amount of nutrients from the raw, fibrous vegetables making delicious and smooth soups and shakes. They wish to be able to crush the seeds and nuts into pieces that when mixed with other foods , can make nutritious milks and shakes. Therefore, they need a blender that is able to cope with the high demands put on it, compared to standard kitchen appliances.


Responding To The Needs Of The Raw Food Kitchen


People who decide to become raw food eaters will utilize their blenders on an everyday basis, and the pressure they’re under is far greater than what could be expected in the normal  Vitamix Explorian E310 and E320 blender Comparison household. In addition, they will make use of their blenders more frequently, but they’ll also be able to do more work using their blenders. They’ll employ it to mix dry ingredients with frozen vegetables and fruits to create smoothies. Because of this, many discover that in a short timeframe of adopting this type of diet, the desired results from their blenders aren’t getting achieved. In many instances, the blades are shattered or the motor ceases to function long after the individual has begun the new diet regimen.


Don’t believe that upgrading your current blender with the same model is a smart investment because you’ll find that it will cost you more in the near future. In any time, you’ll notice with the standard household blender is used to make raw food recipes, the life time of the machine is significantly reduced. If you’re looking to attain the best results, do not be afraid to carry through some preliminary research to discover what options you have prior to investing any money. In this way, you’ll be in a far better in determining what kind of blender is the best fit for your needs.


Starter Level Raw Food Blender With Raw Food That Has Power


Are you someone who at the present moment isn’t certain if they will continue to adhere to the raw food diet or if money, they don’t have enough cash to invest hundreds of pounds for an industrial grade blender? Could it be feasible for you to start this new way of life when your budget is tight and you are placing the blenders capable of handling raw food out of range?


So far, the most common answer you receive regarding the above question is not. The majority of the time, the standard blenders employed in this kind of usage, they’re not built to last for long, and you’ll find yourself needing to replace them frequently. In reality, the money you spend could have been better spent buying the higher-end model that you didn’t want initially. However, things are changing, and it’s all because of the American health and wellness brand L’Equip who have created a brand new blender that can achieve the results desired by raw food enthusiasts with a fraction of the price.



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