Should You Buy a Car With a Diesel Engine?

If you are in the market to purchase a new Crankshaft Repair car or vehicle you might be questioning whether to get one with a gasoline or a diesel engine. Cars with gasoline engines are more common but there are also many positives utilizing a Diesel engine.

First we’ll go over the drawbacks of a Diesel Engine.

Noise Level: Diesel engines are usually are louder than gasoline engines but the modern diesel engines in today’s automobiles and trucks are very quiet when compared with diesel engines which were manufactured ten or twenty years ago. In fact today’s modern diesel engine runs almost as quietly as a traditional engine.

Pollution: It’s not a good idea to drive a vehicle that outputs a ton of pollution and emissions everywhere you drive. Diesel engines are not environmentally friendly and they do put out more particulate matter (the soot) and they have higher levels of gases that lead to pollution. With this type of engine you can also smell it as it is running plus you will see more smoking coming out of the pipe.

The Accessibility Of Diesel Fuel: It is also more challenging in order to find gas stations that sell Diesel. Make sure your local neighborhood or a station on your commute or near your place of employment sells the correct fuel. It’s never a pleasant experience to run out of gas while you’re on the road.

Selection: The amount of Diesel cars available is much less than that of gasoline vehicles. At one time there were about 119 different models to choose from in the United States. Not too many cars with these type of engines are produced anymore due to federal regulations limiting the amount of emissions that a vehicle can emit.

And here are the positives and benefits

Fuel efficiency: These engines are a lot better on fuel economy than gasoline engines. This will result in less rounds to the gas pump and will help to save you dough. Some new diesels are approaching the 50-mile per gallon mark on fuel economy. According to Walter McManus, an auto analyst at J.D. Power and Associates you should expect to save quite a bit of money.

McManus compared the price of a Jetta with a gasoline engine to a Jetta with a turbo diesel. The turbo diesel cost was one thousand dollars more, however, the gasoline engine only had an EPA estimate of 31 miles per gallon and the turbo diesel had a 46-MPG rating. The savings on fuel over approximately three years will easily cover the cost of the original purchase price.

Durability: If a diesel engine is maintained regularly, it is not unusual to last 250k miles and in some cases even longer. Some big rig engines have reportedly hit 700k to 1 mil! That is a very durable engine to say the least.

Improved Performance: Do you like to accelerate and drive fast on the road? Diesel engines have better get up and go than gasoline engines. So you can take off quicker and still have better gas mileage.

Increased Towing Capability: These engines are tough and so durable. If you plan to haul heavy loads, tow a boat, a trailer or a 5th wheel a diesel engine gives you that extra boost of power. Since they are so powerful, many trucks and big rigs utilize their engines.

If you’re deciding whether you should purchase a diesel engine or not, just remember that it offers better gas mileage, improved acceleration and towing performance plus its more durable. It’s a bit harder to find vehicles with this type of engine but if you tow often and are looking for better gas mileage, it might be just perfect for you.


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