Sport Bettor’s Winning NFL Picks – The Pursuit of the Real Champions

With just two months before the regular season ends, sports bettors are now setting their sights on their best betting options and NFL picks for the post season. While it is still not possible to predict the final outcome during the last week of the regular season, you should start preparing for the rigors of the post season. The challenge to sports bettors with NHL picks in hand goes beyond the assessment as to which two teams that are going to make it.

There are currently two contrasting positions when it comes to handicapping post season NFL matches. sports handicapper picks You can either handicap the final 4 NFL teams and assess your betting options and NFL picks based on your analysis of statistical data or perform your handicapping by considering the technical issues and concerns that are expected to come into play during the post season.

So, how should sports bettors approach these two schools of thought in handicapping NFL post season games? The most important thing that you must do is to learn and understand the thought process involved in such sports handicapping service. If you are to consider the preferences of sports handicappers, you will discover varying views and opinions regarding the issue on which NFL teams are going to advance. Of course, the critical considerations for either option include team fundamentals, players as well as game situations.

For sports bettors, the most logical way to assess their betting options and NFL picks is by answering the following questions.

Question #1– How have the NFL home teams performed during the regular season?

This has got to be the important consideration when assessing your betting options as this variable will definitely have a strong impact on the outcome of games during the post-season.

Question #2– Which NFL team comes out as the money winner, top favorites and underdogs?

Of course, you have to determine if the heavy favorites still retain the edge when going straight Up and against the spread.

Question #3– How would you rate the performance of NFL teams with better win-loss record?

The front-running teams during the regular season may not necessarily be the best option for sports bettors during the post-season. However, the general trend is that these top NFL teams are more solid in their performance and are going 31 – 22 against the spread and 37 – 16 straight up.

Question #4 – How would you rate the performance of road teams?

NFL teams are generally not faring well playing away from home. These NFL teams are going 12 – 17 against the spread and 9 – 29 straight up when they are playing from back-to-back games on the road.

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