The Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 Metal Detector Is The Great All Rounder

When I think back I guess I was really fortunate to have a relative who had the foresight to realise that a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 Metal Detector would make a fantastic gift idea for me and since opening it up a few years ago have not looked back. I could never have imagined at the time the amount of hours of endless fascination and enjoyment it would provide.

I am not sure why she chose the Bounty Hunter metal detector range as the brand of preference at the time but I am eternally grateful that this was the case. Having done a fare bit of background research since, it would seem that if you are going to get yourself one of these amazing pieces of electronic gadgetry it is best to get a good one and boy are the Bounty Hunter range the kings of the market.

It probably has got a bit to do with the fact that they have been about for over 30 years which to be honest is about the time when the new technology appeared that enabled the likes of you and me to get out there and get searching for ourselves. Prior to that there were only a privileged few that had the means to be able to get their hands on long lost treasures (think archaeologists and museum staff etc).

The early types were pretty basic but then metal detecting was in its infancy so I suppose that it should not be too surprising. Towards the end of the 70s though with the ever changing inventions and availability of materials things really came on leaps and bounds and resulted in people making some pretty iconic finds.

Today’s detectors are Ferraris compared to the old model T Ford originals and if those early hobbyists came back now and saw the latest models I am sure they would be blown away. What we take for granted as must have features now would have been an impossible dream back then.

Just think all you have to do is turn a dial and you get a crystal clear LCD read out that not only gives you an accurate measurement of your objects depth but can take into account the kind of terrain you are searching too (called ground balancing) which is just fantastic because it gives you the best chance to find things that may be buried slightly deeper than you realise.

With other operating modes incorporated to help you discriminate (tell the difference) between iron and trash items such as ring pulls and the like you can really concentrate on your chosen search area knowing you will not be wasting precious digging time on bits of rubbish.

It has been a real journey through time and history for me and some of the things that people misplace, lose or sometimes even deliberately hide are phenomenal. To say treasure hunting is an absorbing and addictive hobby is an understatement and of course thoroughly rewarding too.

If you want to jump on board and experience the same thrill when you hear the tell tale beep of a find then you might want to take a look at the great Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2 Metal Detector as well as other Bounty Hunter models available, you will not be disappointed.

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