The Responsibilities of Cat Owners

Owning a cat is not just giving them food and playing with them from time to time. Before you get a cat home you need to fully understand your responsibilities in order to avoid future problems. The average lifespan of cats is approximately 15 years, so the relationship between the cat and the owner may last 20 years in some cases. If you understand that it means to take care of a cat, then this relationship will be calm and you will be able to avoid many problems.

The initial expenses of sheltering a cat may depend quite much. If the cat is a pure breed it may even cost $1000. If you get your cat from an animal shelter you will have to pay a fee of $100 – $150 but this fee usually includes vaccination and neutering.

Cat owners are responsible for providing their pet with proper medical care. There is cat insurance policy available which may be very good investment because you will not have to pay for unexpected procedures. But most often a cat owner will have to pay initially about $250 to vaccinate and neuter their new pet.

It is very important to provide your cat with comfort. If you have more than one cat at home, you need to provide each of them with their own litter tray, feeding bowl, bed and toys. Additionally, you will need to have grooming brushes, scratching posts and climbing posts.

A proper diet is also very important for the cat. Cats should be fed with food that is suitable for their age and physical condition. Incorrect food may cause diarrhea, teeth and urinary problems, as well as much more serious health issues. So, cats should be fed with wet food and dry kibble every day. And don’t forget to give your per fresh water. Adult cats should be fed two times per day. It is recommended to leave small amounts of dry food for them all day long.

If your pet has long hair, you will have to brush the pet at least three times a week. This will prevent the matting of the fur and will reduce the amount of hair balls. Matting fur is a serious problem as it is painful and needs to be removed by a professional vet. In case you have a short-haired cat, you should brush it at least once a week.

Claws and their trimming is also an essential responsibility for cat maine coon cat for sale owners. If you keep the claws of your pet well trimmed you will help you keep your furniture safe and sound because the cat will be less likely to use the furnishings as a trees with scratching posts. You need to check the claws each month and to trim them with nail clippers in order to keep them in good shape. You also have to provide one or more scratching posts for your cat.

Cats are prone to some parasites and the owner need to take care about that. You should treat your cat for flea and worms every month. Also, wipe the ears of the cat regularly to avoid the presence of ear mites.

Vaccinations are an obligation for the cat’s health. There are three diseases you must protect your pet from: feline enteritis, cat flu and feline leukemia; they may have fatal outcomes. Cat owners should know that looking after a cat may cost about 21 dollars per week, if they don’t have the right cat furniture (cat beds, cat trees, cat scratching posts and much more). In addition, this commitment requires a lot of time and attention. If you think you can’t do all that for your pet, then it is probably better to not get a cat.

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