Why Are LED TVs The Best Choice?

LED TVs are more expensive than LCD and plasma screens brigit delete account but it’s often worth paying that bit extra for one. You can expect many years use from an LED television so over time this added cost can easily pay for itself, especially with the superior picture quality offered. Let’s take a look at LED TV sets in more depth and detail.

LED televisions range in size from 19 inches up to a huge 84 inches and as you’d expect a larger screen will be more expensive. They use more advanced technology than other types of TV, hence their price. You can expect a brighter picture with deeper blacks, brilliant whites and exceptional contrast because LED TVs use full array backlight methods.

LED TVs are actually LCD TVs that uses LED backlighting. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used for the backlighting instead of fluorescent lights. They are lighter and slimmer than LCD and plasma sets and will last for several years whatever you use them for. Their slender units mean they will fit nicely into any room and are easily wall mounted. Whether it’s for general viewing, watching films or playing games you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. I would recommend buying an LED television made by a well known manufacturer. Some lesser known brands can make you think you’re getting a bargain but the picture quality won’t be as good.

You might think the biggest set is the best and may naturally want the largest size. However, you must think about the room it will go in and furthermore whereabouts in the room your TV will go. Do you want it on a stand in the corner or perhaps mounted on the wall? A 32 inch set will fit nicely into most rooms but will that mammoth 65 inch model on your living room wall look equally as good in your bedroom? Or will it look a tad incongruous? These are some of the things you need to think about and you should also, of course, take some measurements before purchasing.

LED TVs are more eco-friendly and ‘greener’ than other televisions as they use less power so you’ll also save money on your electricity bill; another reason why it’s initially worth paying that bit more for them. Their lightweight build makes them ideal for mounting on a wall using a wall mount or bracket. Some of these are stationary whilst others can tilt, pivot or swivel. Due to the slimness of LED televisions, you won’t get outstanding sound quality with booming bass but that is the norm for modern flat screen televisions.

LED TVs can be part of your ideal home entertainment system. They have numerous HDMI ports and inputs so are easily hooked up Blu-ray players, soundbars and home cinema systems. Many these days also come with USB sockets and built in Wi-Fi so you can view files from your computer and surf the internet. You can even hook up your laptop or PC to them giving you a larger computer screen or an extra monitor.

With their sleek, slimline looks and excellent picture quality LED TVs are the ‘must-have’ televisions currently on the market.


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