World of Warcraft Hunter Leveling Guide for Cataclysm

Hunter Leveling Guide

Hunters are in my opinion, easily the fastest class to level. Just send your pet to a mob and press auto attack, then you could eat some snacks while your pet is killing it without going below 90% health. Okay that might not be the case all of the time but you get the general idea, hunters are really easy to level.

You will probably ask yourself which talent tree you should use for the fastest leveling, and it’s very simple. Beast Mastery. This talent tree is made to increase your pet’s damage, armor and hit points. Because the pet is the essential thing about hunters you would want to make it as powerful as possible, the pet’s damage can be insane sometimes. And because of the high threat of the pet, you could just stand 20 yards from there doing auto shots and killing it with no problem whatsoever.

Here’s a good Beast Mastery build for leveling:

You should choose both Hawk Eye and Lethal Shots because these will increase your damage and range.

In the Beast Mastery tree you should skip Imp Aspect of the Monkey because your pet will be the tank while leveling, so you won’t get hit enough that this will be necessary. Imp Revive Pet is more of an arena talent and therefore not needed for leveling. You should put 1 point in the Imp Mend pet talent because of two reasons. 1: you’re going to use it a lot because your pet is taking the hit. And 2: It has a dispelling thing which can take away DoTs (Damage over Time) from your pet when it’s used.

Thick Hide can be useful but I personally recommend that you go for abilities that’s focusing on pure damage.

If you use this build then your pet will get the following stats:
+10% Hit points
+10% Crit chance
+100% Focus Regeneration
+9% Dodge
+10% Attack speed
+15% Total Damage
+10% Movement speed
And 4 more skill points to be spent.

All this combined with the hunter abilities will make leveling really fast, some of the greatest abilities in the Best Mastery tree is the intimidation which stuns the pets target and increases the threat gained to the pet. And of course, the talent of all talents, Bestial Wrath. This one will give your pet a 50% increase damage buff that lasts for 18 seconds, it will also be immune to all kinds of CC (Crowd Control) this ability alone can win you countless fights against mages/warlocks/priests.

But the pet isn’t the only one gaining from this tree. The hunter will also get 20% faster attack speed, +5% Hit points and some other improved aspects.

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