Writing Articles – Get Easy Freelance Writing Jobs

Would you like to work from home, and make a great income? You can, when you write articles. It’s an easy freelance writing job, but many writers go about getting these jobs the wrong way.
Make getting writing jobs easy on yourself. Realize that there are many large  companies, which would pay you very well for your services, if they knew you exist. On the other hand, the companies which advertise article writing jobs, and which offer projects on the outsourcing sites, are almost all tiny companies.

Once you target larger companies directly, not only will your pay increase, but also you’ll soon have a stable of companies which have you on retainer, and for which you write every month.

Why Professionally Written Articles Offer a Great ROI

Firstly, start by writing in 200 words WHY articles work so well as promotional tools for companies. As a form of advertising, articles provide a return on investment (ROI) which can’t be matched by other forms of marketing. You’ll use this “why your company should be using the services of an article writer” document when you approach companies.

Here are three steps to follow to approach local companies.

1. Local Companies Will Hire You

Now collect your local phone book, as well as several local newspapers. You can also go to your local library, and ask for their book of local organizations, and companies.

Do you have a Web site? If you do, that’s reddit essay writing service great. Post your “why your company should be using the services of an article writer” to a page on your site. If you don’t have a site, get a Blogger blog (this takes 60 seconds to set up) and post your “why” piece there.

Using the resources you’ve collected, make a list of 200 local companies, with their phone numbers.

2. Propose Monthly Article Packages

Now, tap out those numbers! Write yourself a short script first, with the information from your “why” document. Ask to speak to the marketing manager.

Calling is a numbers game. Expect one in ten companies to hire you. This means that within a couple of days, you’ll be busily writing articles for 20 companies.

3. Write a Press Release About Your Article Writing Services

Next, write a press release about your article writing services. Send the release to all local newspapers, as well as to local TV and radio stations.


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